Belt up - Always Wear a Seatbelt ! Video Collection

Belt up - Heaven can wait

A guy without a seat belt in car accident, looks very painful !

Belt up, or suffer the pain

This one is quite funny but anything that gets the message across - is a good thing!

Irish seat belt, here, only the guy without the seatbelt survives, but he kills everyone else in the car. :|

Think! Always wear a seatbelt, consequences
Don’t be another statistic, wear your seatbelt !

Here is a great commercial , even dummies wear seat belts.
Look at the dummie squirrel, a nut with an airbag, cool ! :P

And the last one, Think Always Wear a Seatbelt !

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One Response to “Belt up - Always Wear a Seatbelt ! Video Collection”

  1. Wendy on December 17th, 2009 at 10:57 pm

    Completely brilliant!

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