Britney Spears – Gothic Princess- 3 Images

She’s just awful, she looks like a gothic hooker.
What do you think of this pictures ?




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  1. Can you please help me try to figure out how to use this video?
    I cannot seem to get it to work.

    Spammer, bye !

  2. dark_gothik // April 14, 2008 at 2:26 am // Reply

    she looks great.

  3. poto biriteni spiers

  4. HEY! “She’s just awful, she looks like a gothic hooker.”
    Which b**ch wrote this LIE?? Britney Spears looks very very SEXY, and HOT ON these pics also!
    So shut up b**ch! Her body is gorgeaus!

  5. AHAHA……Zolee……are you blind or what? She looks like a trash gothic hooker….DAMN……my eyes are bleeding!

  6. Just because she’s wearing black doesn’t make her gothic. Not one of these pictures is appealing, they are all appalling

  7. she is a hot woman i beat off to these pics

  8. it was for her shoot of gimme more but they didn’t use that scene

  9. she looks f’ing amazing here,well fit,i’d cut my arm off to fuckk that.

  10. Hey she a bitch & stupid i hate herrr i just love her songs thats it …. she’s so fat now … cow is sexier then her and slut crazy ………ect]]]she was famous now she lose her mind and she doin’ what she want … is she forgot that she’s singer or what!!!

  11. Loose weight buddy you did look so good before……cmon damit.

  12. don’t know what folks are rambling about… she’s a pretty damn fine looking woman.

  13. she will look prettier if she wears little more longer dress

  14. can be bigger, goth and still hot. But ONLY if you have the right fit of clothing. That dress is a horrible choice for her. And yes, the fact that she’s wearing black does NOT make her goth. Which unfortunately most people think.

  15. She looks sexy in any thing or nothing, fat or slim, bipolar or
    balanced, or even in a potato sack!!!

  16. I couldn’t believe that this was Britney; she looks fantastic!

  17. Britney Spears is no doubt the Queen of Pop. After all the controversies and negative image, she is still a very successful singer.

  18. I still would. She looks great.

  19. Yo creo que tiene el cuerpo lindo, y si yo tuviera esas piernas andaría por alli en micro-mini-faldas. Ojo, no me gusta la música que de esta mina, pero lo que es, Es.

  20. Honestly, i think once you’re passed your early 20’s (at the latest) no matter how thin or not, wearing “dresses” short enough to be swim suites out in public really just looks like you’re trying too hard. Hence the hooker references. I’m not judging, i’m just calling it like it is.

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