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November 11

Seinfeld - The best and the funniest moments video collection

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The best and the funniest moments of the greatest show of all time: Seinfeld.
It’s Not You, It’s Me routine by George
Legendary scene.
“You’re damn right it’s me!”
I love George, lol.
Kramer is great, but George bets him by a long shot.

Seinfeld: the voice (helloooo)
that girl was so beautiful to let go though
It’s moments like these that make […]

March 14

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman F@cking Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

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Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel Live - he gets angry as hell video

Sarah Silverman reveals on Jimmy Kimmel’s show via music video that she is having an affair with Matt Damon.
Kimmel then comes back 10 folds with his own video confessing he’s been having an affair too and it’s with Ben Affleck

on the bed
on […]

January 27

Belt up - Always Wear a Seatbelt ! Video Collection

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Belt up - Heaven can wait

A guy without a seat belt in car accident, looks very painful !

Belt up, or suffer the pain

This one is quite funny but anything that gets the message across - is a good thing!

Irish seat belt, here, only the guy without the seatbelt survives, but he kills everyone else in […]

January 13

Achmed The Dead Terrorist Sings Christmas Carols - Jingle Bombs

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Achmed is back !
Dashing through the sand
Wit a bomb strapped on my back,
I have a nasty plan,
To celebrate Christmas Iraq!!
I got through check point A
but not through Check Point B
thats when I got shot in the ass by the U.S Military!! ITS NOT FUNNY!!
ohhh jingle bombs,
jingle bombs,
mine blew off you see,
where […]

November 11

Internet is for PORN - Video Collection!

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Grab your dick and double click for porn !
Awesome funny videos, the song is fantastic, enjoy !

November 8

The Power of Photoshop - Makeover Videos

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The technology these days is amazing, look what this guys can do with photoshop, it’s very impressive !

November 2

Pablo Francisco - A Great Comedian - Video Collection

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One of the best comedians out there ! I’ve been watching his shows for a long time, he is great !
This are the best videos I could find, enjoy !

October 31

Condom Commercial - Video Collection

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This are the best, the funniest commercials about safe sex and the importance of using a condom !
It may be funny but the message is really important, so always remember, safety first !

October 25

Jeff Dunham - Achmed the Dead Terrorist Video

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knock knock
who’s there?
me, I kill you !
This is the funniest thing ever, I laughed my ass off ! It’s brilliant !
Jeff Dunham is a great comedian, this is a great show, enjoy !

October 20

Mio - The Fly Commercial Video

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This ad cracked me up ! lol
Good ending, I was totally surprised ! Remember ‘There’s always a way out’, the MIO GPS will help you
Great commercial , enjoy !