Condom Commercial - Video Collection

This are the best, the funniest commercials about safe sex and the importance of using a condom !
It may be funny but the message is really important, so always remember, safety first !

Condom Commercial - Spoiled little brat
That dude really shoulda used a condom, that kid is a very annoying spoiled little booger :evil:

Durex Condom Commercial
‘I’m Brian Durex’ lol
That guy slams his “wang” in a car door, that’s gotta hurt !!! It’s not very smart but at least he used a condom. :mrgreen:
Great sound effects !

Here is another Condom Commercial, the sperm people are so funny !

My Mom Said I Could - Condom Commercial
‘Can I put the cat in the washing machine?. YES, YES !’ , that kid is a devil ! :twisted:

And the last one, a Condom Commercial from Africa.
That’s a huge condom !

This would be a great video for Umbrella by Rihanna, I’m not funny I know :neutral:

I hope you’ve enjoyed the video clips, see ya ! :wink:

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