Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman F@cking Matt Damon and Ben Affleck

Matt Damon on Jimmy Kimmel Live – he gets angry as hell video

Sarah Silverman reveals on Jimmy Kimmel’s show via music video that she is having an affair with Matt Damon.

Kimmel then comes back 10 folds with his own video confessing he’s been having an affair too and it’s with Ben Affleck

on the bed
on the floor
on a towel by the door
in a tub
in the car
up against the mini bar

It’s Fckin hilarious !! 😆

Jimmy Kimmel is F@cking Ben Affleck Response to Matt & Sarah Video

Are you f*cking Ben too?
Star studded video w/ Ben Affleck and Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Cameron Diaz, Joan Jett, Macy Gray, Robin Williams, Don Cheadle, Pete Wentz, Perry Farrell, Benji and Joel Madden, Lance Bass, Huey Lewis, Josh Groban, McLovin, Christina Applegate, Rebecca Romijn, and Dominic Monaghan, and Meatloaf and probably a few more.

All this is a JOKE !!! Don’t take it for real people, it’s Hollywood. :)

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